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Business Information

 1. Printed Matter

* Designing and producing printed matter including fliers, brochures, stickers, cards, business cards, and others.

 2. Internet

* Planning, designing, and producing a Home Page, and consultations for Internet utilization.

 3. Cutting Sheets

* Cutting and pasting cutting sheets in existing type faces and designated logotypes.

 4. Data Processing [ photo ]

* Data processing for questionnaires, name lists management, and results services for cycling and other races.

 5. Interpreting and Translating

* Interpreting and translating services are available in English, French, and other languages.

 6. Novelties

* Planning, designing, and producing various mementos.

 7. Uniforms

* Designing, personalizing, and producing T-shirts, polo shirts, sweats, zip-up jackets, and others.

 8. Advertisements and Publicity

* Planning, designing, and producing leaflets, magazine advertisements, station signboards, open-air signboards, and others.

 9. Store Interior/Exterior and Signboards Construction Works

* Designing and constructing store layout, facade, display utensils, facilities, and signs.

 10.Exhibitions and Show Rooms

* Planning, designing, and constructing exhibitions and show rooms.


 Company Outline  Business Information 

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